Singer Simanco Accessory Part Numbers

The following list of Singer sewing machine accessories, attachments and tools is orderd by Simanco part numbers for the easier identification of unknown parts from their Singer / Simanco part numbers stamped on them.

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Simanco No. Description Photo
2071Presser Foot 2071
2518Class 15 Bobbin Simanco 2518
8332Presser Foot 8332
8335Feed Cover Plate8335
8337Presser Foot for 28K8337
8439Presser Foot 8439
8879Felt Spool Pin Washer8879
8910WrenchSimanco 8910
10654High Shank Cording Foot10654
12143Cording Foot (Left Toe)12143
15281Standard Presser FootSimanco 15281
15359Feed Cover Plate15359
15429Cording Foot (Left Toe)15429
15821Presser Foot 15821
189471/16" Feller FootSimanco 18947
189493/16" Feller FootSimanco 18949
19221WrenchSimanco 19221
22563Finger Guard22563
23535WrenchSimanco 23535
24344High Shank Sprung Presser Foot24344
24982High Shank Foot 24982
255033/32" Hemmer25503
25504Wide Hemmer25504
25510Braiding Foot25510
25515Quilting Guide25515
25525Bias Gauge25525
25526Binder Foot25526
25527Seam Guide25527
255283/16" Hemmer25528
255291/4" Hemmer25529
255303/8" Hemmer25530
255315/8" Hemmer25531
255327/8" Hemmer25532
25533Hemmer Foot25533
25537Large Wire Screwdriver25537
25538Small Screwdriver25538
256171/8" Hemmer25617
25618Cloth Guide25618
25626 3/16" Foot HemmerSimanco 25626
25627 1/4" Foot HemmerSimanco 25627
25628 3/8" Foot HemmerSimanco 25628
25629 5/8" Foot HemmerSimanco 25629
25637Braider Foot25637
258931/4" Foot Hemmer25893
25978Presser Foot (Gathering)25978
25979Double Toe Gathering Foot25979
26028Small Screwdriver26028
26156Ruffler 28K26156
26157Attachment Set for Model 2726157
26316Puzzle Box Attachment Set for Model 1526316
26319Binder Attachment26319
26399Corder Bow Attachment26399
26535Spool WireSimanco 26535
26538Embroidery AttachmentSimanco 26538
26774Ruffler 26774
287891/8" Hemmer - Back Clamping28789
28863Presser Foot (Gathering)28863
28880Needle CaseSimanco 28880
28915Imitation Hem StitcherSimanco 28915
28986Back Clamping Imitation Hem StitcherSimanco 28986
28996Back Clamping 3/16" Hemmer28996
29903Felt Spool Pin WasherSimanco 29903
32522Class 66 BobbinSimanco 32522
32559Back Clamping Wide Presser FootSimanco 32559
32589Feed Cover Plate Simanco 32589
32601Back Clamping Presser Foot32601
32622Feed Cover Plate32622
32634Back Clamping Cording Foot32634
32666Standard Presser Foot32666
32773Standard Hinged Foot32773
35051Back Clamping Embroidery Attachment
35113Back Clamping Corder Bow35113
35463Ruffler 48K35463
35505Twin Thread Embroidery AttachmentSimanco 35505
35506Back Clamping Presser Foot For Etching35506
35554Flange Hemmer Foot
35555Back Clamping Hemmer Foot
35776Stocking DarnerSimanco 35776
35833Back Clamping Feller Foot35833
35854Back Clamping Twin Thread Embroidery Attachment
358571/8" Foot HemmerSimanco 35857
35866Box For Attachment Set for Model 24-5035866
35867Attachment Set for Model 24-5035867
35920Attachments Set for Model 6635920
35931Adjustable Hemmer35931
35932Quilting Foot35932
35933Ruffler - Back Clamping35933
35934Shirring Plate35934
35937Underbraider 35937
35938Shirring Plate35938
35957Adjustable Hemmer - Back Clamping35957
35958Quilting Foot - Back Clamping35958
35960Shirring Plate35960
35962Tuckmarker - Back Clamping35962
35984Tubular Trimming Foot35984
35985Tubular Trimming Attachment Set35985
35987Tubular Trimming Attachment Set
359965/64" Foot Hemmer35996
36074Back Clamping Blindstitch-Braiding Foot
36088Flat Work Darner36088
36091Tuck Folder
36500Attachments Set36500
36502Attachment Set for Model 12836502
36517Ruffler 36517
36518Ruffler - Back Clamping36518
36569Oil Can and Spout36569
36584Tuckmarker - Back Clamping36584
36594Binder Foot36594
36595Binder Foot - Back Clamping36595
36787Back Clamping Gathering Foot36787
36806Needle Threader36806
36835Feller Foot36835
36838High Shank Feller Foot36838
36839High Shank Feller Foot36839
36865Edge Stitcher36865
36867Back Clamping Edge Stitcher
36939Buttonhole AttachmentSimanco 36939
45321Standard Hinged Presser Foot45321
45785Class 221 BobbinSimanco 45785
45826Spool Pin Spring45826
51347Special Attachment Screw51347
52390High Shank Foot 52390
55414Multi Binding Foot81245
55417Darning / Hopping Foot55417
55623Bobbin Simanco 55623
80059Presser Foot 80059
80107Wrench (206K)Simanco 80107
80232Foot HemmerSimanco 80232
80233 Foot HemmerSimanco 80233
80241Shirring / Gathering Foot80241
80251Darning Embroidery FootSimanco 80251
81200Binder Foot With Tape Pins - Slant ShankSimanco 81200
81245Multi Binding Foot81245
84496Darning Presser Foot84496
85318Large Wooden Screwdriver85318
85418Cording Foot (Left Toe)85418
85893Embroidery / Darning Foot85893
85954Gathering Foot85954
86014Double Roll Hemmer Attachment86014
86015Double Roll Hemmer Attachment86015
86080Feed Cover Plate - 28KSimanco 86080
86158Presser Foot86158
86177Presser Foot86177
86187Narrow Presser Foot 3/16"86187
86192Shirring / Gathering Foot86192
86193High Shank Shirring / Gathering Foot86193
86294Needle Clamp With Sprung Darning Foot86294
86464Double Ended Binder Foot86464
86496Darning Presser Sprung Needle Clamp86496
86500Attachment Set for Model 15K3 & 15K486500
86501Attachment Set for Model 15K26, 27, 70-73 and 80-8586501
86502Attachment Set for Model 28K86502
86504Attachment Set for Model 66K86504
86537High Shank 1/16" Foot Hemmer86537
86538High Shank 3/32" Foot Hemmer86538
86601Low Shank 1/16" Foot Hemmer86601
86602Cording Foot (Right Toe)86602
86603Embroidery Hoop86603
86609Attachment Set for Model 206K86609
86610Attachment Set - Model 206K86610
86616Buttonhole Foot86616
86617Attachment Set for Model 206K86617
86633 Foot HemmerSimanco 86633
86649Blind Stitching Attachment86649
86662Buttonholer Attachment86662
86663Feed Cover Plate36663
86718Buttonholer Attachment86718
86721Auto-Pilot Buttonholer Attachment86721
86748Feed Cover Plate86748
96417Embroidery Hoop 5"96417
96418Embroidery Hoop 7"96418
96419Embroidery Hoop 8"96419
96420Embroidery Hoop 10"96420
96421Embroidery Hoop 12"96420
96423Oval Embroidery Hoop 9" x 4-1/2"96423
96424Oval Embroidery Hoop 12" x 5-1/2"96424
98008Feed Dog Cover Plate98008
102575Professional Buttonholer Attachment102575
102878Professional Buttonholer Attachment102878
102880Professional Buttonholer Attachment 102880
103496Attachment Set for Model 457K Stylist103496
105145Throat Plate105145
105248Standard Hinged Foot105248
105249Standard Hinged Zigzag Presser Foot105249
105251Satin Stitch FootSimanco 105251
108002Feed Cover Plate108002
116863Finger Guard116863
120285Attachment Set for Model 101120285
120315Attachment Set for Model 101120315
120328Needle Threader120328
120342Oil Can and Spout120342
120359Attachment Set for Models 66 & 99120359
120360Attachment Set for Models 66 & 99120360
120378Small Aluminium Screwdriver120378
120428Seam Guide120428
120607Attachment Set for Models 66 & 99120607
120687Imitation Hem StitcherSimanco 120687
1208425/64 Foot Hemmer120842
1208555/64 Foot Hemmer120855
1208613oz. Oval Oil Can120861
1208621-1/3 oz. Oval Oil Can120862
120914Feller Foot120914
120936Singercraft Guide No.1Simanco 120936
1209621/8" Foot Hemmer120962
120987Singercraft Guide No. 2120987
120988Small Extension For Singercraft Guide No. 2120988
120989Large Extension For Singercraft Guide No. 2120989
121021Pinking AttachmentSimanco 121021
121056Automatic zigzagger Simanco 121056
121094Sprung Darning Foot121094
121095Style-O-Matic Attachment121095
121170Shirring Plate121170
121255Singercraft Fagoter Attachment121255
121309Feed Cover Plate121309
121318Gripper ToolSimanco 121318
121379Pinking MachineSimanco 121379
121387Hemstitcher / Picoting AttachmentSimanco 121387
121388Special Throat Plate - Models 15 and 201Simanco 121388
121389Special Throat Plate - Models 99 and 66Simanco 121389
121390Special Throat Plate - Model 101Simanco 121390
121391Special Throat Plate - Models 127 and 128Simanco 121391
121392Special Throat Plate - Model 221Simanco 121392
121441Gathering / Shirring Foot121441
121464Binder Foot121464
121497Attachment Set for Model 15-88, 89 & 90121497
121498Attachment Set for Model 15-88, 89 & 90121498
121632Universal Needle Threader.121632
121634Seam Ripper & Threader ToolSimanco 121634
121704Buttonholer AttachmentSimanco 121704
121706Adjustable Zigzag Attachment121706
121713Skirt Marker Rule121713
121795Buttonholer AttachmentSimanco 121795
121818Feed Cover PlateSimanco 121818
121845Needle Threader.121845
121875Presser Foot121875
121877Adjustable Zipper Foot121877
121894Attachment Set for Model 15-210 & 15-211121894
121895Attachment Set for Model 15-210 & 15-211121895
121898Attachment Set for Models 66 & 99121898
121899Attachment Set for Models 66 & 99121899
121900Attachment Set for Models 127 & 128121900
121901Attachment Set for Models 127 & 128121901
124428Short Key124428
125035Cording Foot (Right Toe)125035
137597Snap-On Flat Hemmer Foot137597
137627Snap On 6mm Zigzag Foot137627
148044Accessories Box - Green148044
153267Snap-On Foot For Straight Stitch153267
153958Split Mandrel ToolSimanco 153958
155962Snap On 4mm Zigzag Foot155962
155964Snap-On Shank 155964
160359Multi Slotted Binder Foot noimage
160439Skirt Marker160439
160506Buttonholer Attachment160506
160561Buttonholer Template - 3/8"160561
160562Buttonholer Template - 1/2"160562
160563Buttonholer Template - 15/16"160563
160564Buttonholer Template - 5/8" Keyhole160564
160616Blind Stitcher Attachment (1949)Simanco 160616
160620Zigzag Attachment160620
160623Attachment Set for Model 301160623
160624Binder - Slant Shank160624
160625Edge Stitcher - Slant Shank160625
160626Adjustable Hemmer - Slant Shank160626
1606275/64" Foot Hemmer - Slant Shank160627
160628Gatherer - Slant Shank160628
160629Ruffler - Slant Shank160629
160668Set of 4 Templates for Buttonholer160668
160687Cording Foot (Left Toe) - Slant ShankSimanco 160687
160688Cording Foot (Right Toe) - Slant ShankSimanco 160688
160689Zipper Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 160689
160691Quilting Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 160691
160692Tucker - Slant ShankSimanco 160692
160717Sprung Darning Foot160717
160719Darning And Embroidery Attachment160719
160720Darning And Embroidery Attachment160720
160721Feed Cover Plate160721
160741Walking Presser Foot160741
160742Blind Stitch Attachment - Slant ShankSimanco 160742
160743Buttonhole Attachment - Slant ShankSimanco 160743
160745ZigZag Attachment - Slant ShankSimanco 160745
160753Flange Hemmer Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 160753
160754Braiding Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 160754
160755Gauge Presser Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 160755
160809Attachment Set for Model 15160809
160810Attachment Set for Models 15K, 99K, 201K160810
160811Attachment Set for Model 15160811
160845Cording Foot (Left Toe)160845
160846Cording Foot (Right Toe)160846
160847Multi Slotted Binder Foot noimage
160927Underbraider - Slant Shank160927
160937Quilter & Underbraider Set -Slant ShankSimanco 160937
160977Attachment Set for Model 319K160977
160985Automatic Zigzagger AttachmentSimanco 160985
160986Automatic zigzagger - Slant ShankSimanco 160986
160990ZigZag Attachment (Swiss)160990
160991ZigZag Attachment (Swiss)160991
161000Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161000
161001Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161001
161002Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161002
161003Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161003
161004Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161004
161005Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161005
161006Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161006
161007Pattern Cam For Automatic Zigzagger Simanco 161007
161008#2 Set of 4 'Red' Stitch Pattern CamsSimanco 161008
161067Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161067
161068Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161068
161069Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161069
161070Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161070
161071Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161071
161072Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161072
161073Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161073
161074Pattern Cam For Automatic ZigzaggerSimanco 161074
161076Set #3 of 4 'Blue' Stitch Pattern CamsSimanco 161076
161102Automatic Zigzagger AttachmentSimanco 161102
161103Automatic Zigzagger Attachment - Slant ShankSimanco 161103
161119Attachment Set for Model 99161119
161127Adjustable Zipper Foot (Narrow)161127
161133Tube Of Oil161133
161157Auto Zigzagger Attachment161157
161158Auto Zigzagger Attachment - Slant Shank Machines 301, 404 etc.161158
161166Slant Shank Adjustable Zipper Foot161166
161167Special Purpose Foot - Slant Shank161167
161168Button Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 161168
161169Slant Shank Gathering / Shirring Foot161169
161172Seam Guide161172
161173Attachment Set for Model 401A161173
161174Multi Binder Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 161174
161195Slant Shank 5/32 Hemmer Foot161195
161208Plastic Accessory Box161208
161226Tuckmarker - Slant Shank161226
161231Eyelet Template for ButtonholerSimanco 161231
161236Embroidery Foot161236
161240Embroidery Hoop161240
161294Large Plastic Screwdriver161294
161295Small Plastic Screwdriver161295
161307Universal Needle Threader161307
161324Attachment Set used for models 15K110, 185K161324
161325Attachment Set for Model 15K110161325
161420Multi Binder - Slant Shank161420
161450Multi Binder Foot - Slant Shanknoimage
161455Special Foot for ZigZag Machines161455
161561Ruffler - Slant Shank161561
161585Thread CutterSimanco 161585
161596Embroidery Foot - Slant Shank161596
161608Raising Plate161608
161609Oil Tube161609
161612Special Purpose FootSimanco 161612
161613Button Foot161613
161616Foot Hemmer - Slant ShankSimanco 161616
161659Gathering Foot161659
161671Hemmer Foot161671
161681Finger Guard - Slant Shank161681
161825Feed Cover Plate161825
161829Professional Buttonholer Attachment - Slant Shank161829
161857Attachmnets Set For Model 348Simanco 161857
161875Slant Shank Quilting, Free Motion & Embroidery Foot161875
161876Quilting, Free Motion & Embroidery Foot161876
161894Raising Plate161894
161900Golden Panoramic Buttonholer Attachment - Slant Shank161900
161919Snap On Straight Stitch Foot161919
161927Plastic Buttonhole Foot161927
161956Snap-On Overedge Foot161956
161961Blindstitch Hem Guide161961
161976Special Purpose FootSimanco 161976
163483Special Purpose FootSimanco 163483
163706Snap On Shank - Slant Shank163706
163710Clip On ZigZag Foot. 163710
170071Hinged Foot - Slant Shank170071
171071Embroidery Foot171071
171074Embroidery Hoop171074
171110Blind Hem Guide171110
171145Slant Shank 5/32 Hemmer Foot171145
171256Monogrammer AttachmentSimanco 171256
171276Monogrammer AttachmentSimanco 171276
171278Monogrammer AttachmentSimanco 171278
171463Snap-On Slant Shank Special Purpose Foot171463
171480Snap-On Slant Shank Zipper Foot171480
171498Snap-On Special Purpose Foot171498
172075Zigzag Foot - Slant Shank172075
172076Zigzag Foot - Slant Shank172076
172185Top Hat Fashion Disc #1Simanco 172185
172187Top Hat Fashion Disc #2Simanco 172187
172189Top Hat Fashion Disc #3Simanco 172189
172191Top Hat Fashion Disc #5Simanco 172191
172229Top Hat Fashion Disc #6Simanco 172229
172904Slant Shank Zigzag Presser Foot172904
174534Top Hat Fashion Disc #12Simanco 174534
174536Top Hat Fashion Disc #14Simanco 174536
174540Top Hat Fashion Disc #11Simanco 174540
174546Top Hat Fashion Disc #20Simanco 174546
179600Basic Presser Foot for 4mm ZigZag Machines179600
179967Large Spool Cap179967
183374Snap-On Overedge Foot183374
183483Special Purpose Foot - Slant Shank183483
183710Snap On 4mm Zigzag Foot183710
186633Feller / 1/16" Foot HemmerSimanco 186633
188740High Shank Special Foot188740
188961Hinged Presser Foot - Silk188961
189151Wooden handle189151
1891521/2" buttonhole knife blade 189152
189631Embroidery Plate189631
189644Sprung Hinged Foot - Low Shank189644
189646Presser Foot For Zigzag Stitching189646
189647Presser Foot For Straight Stitching189647
189648Button Foot189648
189649Presser Foot For Ornamental Seams189649
189650Presser Foot For Narrow Zigzag Seams189650
189651Presser Foot For Curved Ornamental Seams189651
189653Foot Hemmer - Shelled SeamsSimanco 189653
189654Foot Hemmer For Rolled SeamsSimanco 189654
189658Double Cord GuideSimanco 189658
189662Embroidery Set for 206Kno image
189692Cording Foot - Left ToeSimanco 189692
189693Needle Threader189693
189699Feed Restricting Attachment (206K)189699
189704Buttonhole Foot (1/8" Wide)189704
189720Presser Foot For Applique189720
189723Darning Plate for 206K189723
189751Welt Foot (Narrow)189751
189752Welt Foot (Wide)189752
189798Welt Foot (Very Narrow)189798
189800Air Tucking (Welting) Attachment (206K)189800
192439Knee Lever Arm 192439
192972Knee Lever Arm 192972
192978Knee Lever Arm 192978
194120Light Bulb 20W SBC194120
225554SpannerSimanco 225554
225690Cording Foot225690
229864Presser Foot229864
276300Fashion Disc Set #1Simanco 276300
276301Fashion Disc #1Simanco 276301
276302Fashion Disc #2Simanco 276302
276303Fashion Disc #3Simanco 276303
276304Fashion Disc #4Simanco 276304
276305Fashion Disc #5Simanco 276305
276306Fashion Disc #6Simanco 276306
276307Fashion Disc #7Simanco 276307
276308Fashion Disc #8Simanco 276308
276309Fashion Disc #9Simanco 276309
276310Fashion Disc #10Simanco 276310
276311Fashion Disc #11Simanco 276311
276312Fashion Disc #12Simanco 276312
276313Fashion Disc #13Simanco 276313
276314Fashion Disc #14Simanco 276314
276315Fashion Disc #15Simanco 276315
276316Fashion Disc #16Simanco 276316
276317Fashion Disc #17Simanco 276317
276318Fashion Disc #18Simanco 276318
276319Fashion Disc #19Simanco 276319
276320Fashion Disc #20Simanco 276320
276321Fashion Disc #21Simanco 276321
276322Fashion Disc #22Simanco 276322
276323Fashion Disc #23Simanco 276323
276324Fashion Disc #24Simanco 276324
276325Fashion Disc #25Simanco 276325
276326Fashion Disc #26Simanco 276326
276327Fashion Disc #27Simanco 276327
276328Fashion Disc #28Simanco 276328
276329Fashion Disc #29Simanco 276329
276330Fashion Disc #30Simanco 276330
276331Fashion Disc #31Simanco 276331
276401Fashion Disc Set #2Simanco 276401
276402Fashion Disc Set #3Simanco 276402
276403Fashion Disc Set #4Simanco 276403
276404Fashion Disc Set #5Simanco 276404
276405Fashion Disc Set #6Simanco 276405
276406Fashion Disc Set #7Simanco 276406
283393Rolled Hemming Foot283393
283397Cording Foot283397
283400Invisible Zip Foot283400
283409Even Feed Foot283409
283426Transparent Buttonhole Foot283426
283677Buttonhole Attaching Foot283677
312391Zigzag Needle Plate312391
313093Snap On Buttonhole Foot313093
313117Plastic Feed Cover Plate313117
313150Snap-On Slant Shank 6mm Zigzag Foot313150
313992Snap On Buttonhole Foot313992
314811Buttonhole Foot314811
317263Sna- On Pin Tuck Foot317263
317446Snap-On OPen Toe Foot317446
317450Snap-On Round Hemmer Foot317450
352150Feed Cover Plate352150
352183Feed Cover Plate352183
353628Snap On Straight Stitch Foot353628
381066Button Foot - Slant ShankSimanco 381066
381086Attachment Set381086
381213Blind Hem Guide381213
381223Accessories Set381223
381365Chainstitch Fittings381365
381459Plastic Feed Cover Plate381459
381461Feed Cover Plate381461
381491Slant Shank Blind Hem Foot381491
381497Slant Shank Fringe Foot381497
384037Slant Shank Quilting, Free Motion & Embroidery Foot384037
384045Snap On Straight Stitch Foot384045
409377Snap-On Straight Stitch Foot409377
409379Snap On 5mm Zigzag Foot409379
421284Snap On Buttonhole Foot421284
421333Even Feed Walking Foot - Slant Shank421333
446014Snap-On Shank - Slant Shank446014
446371Snap-On ZigZag Foot446371
446492Snap-On Special Purpose Foot446492
447580Zigzag Needle Plate447580
489500Buttonholer Attachment - Slant Shank489500
489510Buttonholer Attachment489510
489520Can of Oil (USA)489520
503277Needle Threader503277
507410Top Hat Fashion Disc #22Simanco 507410
507664Small Spool Cap507664
507806Even Feed Walking Foot507806
507836Snap-On Zipper Foot507836
511199Circular Stitching Attachment511199
511250Chainstitch Plate511250
541582Snap On Overedge Foot541582
542167Snap On Shank - Slant Shank542167
543106Snap On Shirring Foot543106
543419Sprung Hinged Foot - High Shank543419
543714Snap On 5mm Zigzag Foot543714
547340Zigzag Foot - Slant Shank547340