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Singer Simanco 86718

Buttonholer Attachment


This attachment produces neat buttonholes from 3/8" to 1" long. The spacing of stitches, width of stitch and amount of cutting space can all be changed. Different sized buttonholes can be produced in a fraction of the time required for hand made ones. By using a slightly different technique it is also possible to make buttonholes up to 1-7/8" long. Unlike early American Singer buttonholers, this model has the stripper foot that presses on the fabric near the needle between each stitch. Fits most models of low shank Singer machines. Note:- on models 99K, 221K and 222K it is necessary to remove the thread cutter before attaching the buttonholer. On full sized models the cutter can be moved up the presser bar. The attachment is operated by a lever which engages with the needle clamp. Complete set consists of a red plastic Singer box containing cream coloured buttonhole attachment, feed cover plate with screw (86663) (which is required with some models), and extra long slotted clamping screw (51347).


Simanco 86718






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