The Pinnock Manufacturing Company

The Pinnock company originaly established in 1891 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. From 1904 the company sold imported sewing machines into the Australian market from makers such as New Home. Gradually more and more of the machines were made in Australia until by the late 1940’s the complete machines were being manufactured in Australia, including the motors.

In 1957 the company relocated to a new purpose built factory in the new city of Elizabeth which was being established about 17 miles north of Adelaide, South Australia. The factory was officlally opened by Thomas Playford on 1st November 1957. Within a few years the company was employing 50 workers. Motors for the machines were made by Wernard.

Pinnock Factory

During 1961/62 the company established a small assembly plant near Wellington, New Zealand.

Pinnock had its own distribution facilities in the major Australian cities and also in United Kingdom, Ireland, |Belgium and New Zealand.

In the U.K. Pinnock sales were managed through Pinnock Electrical Appliances (G.B.) Ltd. which had offices at 224 Clapham Road, Stockwell, London SW9, but later moved to 17 Hanover Square, London W1

Some later machines, such as the Pinnock Seweasy, were imported from Japan but 'badged' with the Pinnock name.

The Pinnock manufacturing centre in Elizabeth was closed in 1967.

Pinnock Models


Straight stitch machine. Green


Twin needle zig-zag machine with vertical rotary hook facing the user. Uses standard 15x1 needles and a class 15 style bobbin case and bobbins. Two tone beige.


ZigZag machine (green) with fold down spool pin. Feed dogs can be set to normal, reduced height for silk, or lowered completely for embroidery. Uses standard 15x1 needles and a class 15 style bobbin case and bobbins.

Pinnock Sewline

Pinnock Sewline

Australian Distribution Centres

Queensland - 120 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane

New South Wales - 72 Druitt Street, Sydney

Victoria & Tasmania - 521 Collins Street, Melbourne

South Australia & Northern Territory - 45 Pirie Street, Adelaide

West Australia - 7 Havelock Street, Perth

International Distribution Centres

United Kingdom - Pinnock Electrical Appliances (GB) Ltd., 224 Clapham Road, Stockwell, London SW9, later moved to 17 Hanover Square, London W1

Ireland - Pinnock Trading Co (Ireland) Ltd., 58 South Great Georges Street, Dublin

New Zealand - Pinncok (NZ) Ltd., Gregory Street, Nae Nae, Wellington

Belgium - Pinnock Europe Ltd., 12 Rue Faurieux, Herstal

Netherlands - Fridor Trading Co., Rijswijkseweg 25, The Hague

Singapore - Interstate Co. Ltd., 43-44 Meyer Chambers, Raffles Place, Singapore 1