Dexter Hemmer & Stitcher

The Dexter Hemmer & Stitcher was a small hand operated chain stitch machine made in the USA by the Dexter Company. The Dexter Company was part of the Grant Company located at 4149 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60541.

The Dexter machine was distributed in the U.K. by The Notions Company, 50 Richmond Road, Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.


Dexter Hemmer & Stitcher

The machine takes a standard 1-1/4" reel of thread mounted directly into the tension regulator on the machine. Stitches are formed one at a time, each time the top and bottom parts are squeezed together. There is no fabric feed and so the material has to be re-positioned manually for each sticth.

The Dexter machine used a 2mm diameter needle with flatted shank and with an eye length of 31.8mm and an overall length of 35.6mm.