Singer 30K Sewing Machine Threading Diagram

The Singer 30K sewing machine has a complex tension control arrangement and hence a similarly complex threading path. In order for the machine to work correctly it is essential that the machine is properly threaded.

NOTE - It goes without saying that just like any sewing machine, the 30K should have ALL of its tension elements in place. Unfortunately as Singer 30K machines have rocketed in value, some unscrupulous internet auction sellers have been palming off incomplete 30K machines with either missing elements, or homemade bits that are far from correct, and of course completely failing to mention this to unsuspecting buyers. BE WARNED - check before you buy. Would you buy a car with the gear lever missing at any price ?

30K Threading

Singer 30K Threading Diagram

To Thread a Singer 30K:

Singer 30K Threading Photos

Singer 30K Threading-01

Singer 30K Threading - 1

Singer 30K Threading-02

Singer 30K Threading - 2

Singer 30K Threading-03

Singer 30K Threading - 3

Singer 30K Threading-04

Singer 30K Threading - 4