Singer 30K Chain Stitch Sewing Machine

Very little is reliably known about the Singer 30K chain stitch miniature sewing machine. It is not clear which market it was targeted at, why it was made only in the UK at Singer's Kilbowie plant, or why production ceased after such a short time. Surviving serial number records indicate that just 15,500 were made during 1912/13.

Singer 30K

Model 30K

The Singer 30K is a well engineered solidly built machine that is significantly larger than the miniature Singer model 20 toy chain stitch machines which were first made in 1910. It has 75 component parts which were all designed specifically for this model. Together with its cast iron base the Singer 30K weighs 5kg and is 12" long x 7-1/4" wide x 10" high to the top of the spool pin. The handwheel is grooved in order to take a treadle belt, so presumably the option of fitting it into a table was also considered.

The Singer 30K machines use a short 24x1 needle (which were also used on early model 20's and Class 24 machines) with the flat fitted to the right, so that the needle is threaded from left to right.

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Serial Numbers

Model From Number To Number Quantity Date
30K F 3311695 F 3316694 5000 July - Dec 1912
30K F 3667085 F 3677084 10000 Jan - June 1913
30K(R) F 3677085 F 3677584 500 Jan - June 1913

Threading Diagram & Instructions

A threading diagram and instructions can be found on the 30K Threading Diagram page.


Singer 30K-01

30K - Front

Singer 30K-02

30K - Back

Singer 30K-03

30K - Needlebar

Singer 30K-04

30K - Balance Wheel