Singer Featherweight Attachments

All Singer Featherweight sewing machines came supplied complete with a comprehensive set of attachments. The exact composition of these standard sets varied slightly over the years. Of course it was possible to buy extra ones as well, so no two machines necessarily have the same accessories with them when buying secondhand.

As a general rule the following attachments were included with the original machines.

221, 221K and 222K Featherweights  

Large Screwdriver   (255374)
Small Screwdriver   (120378)
Underbraider   (121547)
Adjustable Hemmer   (35931)
Binder   (121464)
Gatherer   (121441)
Quilter   (35932)
Hemmer   (120855)
Cloth Guide & Screw   (25527)
Underbraider or   (121547)
Ruffler   (86642)

In addition 222K Featherweights always had the following:-

Embroidery Hoop   (171074)
Darning/Embroidery   (171071)