Vulcan Featherweight Toy Sewing Machine Threading Diagram

In order for the Vulcan ‘Featherweight’ toy sewing machine to work correctly it is essential that it is properly threaded.

Vulcan Threading

Vulcan ‘Featherweight’ Threading Diagram

To Thread a Vulcan ‘Featherweight’:

IMPORTANT - Many apparent problems with getting these machines to sew properly are just the result of not following the final two steps above.


Some early Vulcan Featherweight's used the original tension arrangement from the Vulcan Mk1. See below:

Alt Vulcan Threading

Early Vulcan ‘Featherweight’ Tension Arrangement

For Vulcan Featherweight machines with the tension arrangement shown above, please follow the threading instructions for the Vulcan Mk1. These are different, and it is important to use the correct threading appropriate to your particular design of tension mechanism. In particular the thread does not wrap completely around the tension discs with this design.