Toy Sewing Machine (TSM) Needle List

Toy sewing machines used a variety of different needle types. Popular models of TSM’s are shown below together with their correct needles.

Model Needle
Artcraft Junior Miss 16x1
Astor 15x1
Baby 1x11, 25x1
Betsy Ross 24x1
Casige (most models) 13x1, 1x7
Casige (1015, 1025) 128x1
Casige (misc.) 12x1
Casige (Signature) 16x1
Comet 24x1
Damascus 16x1
Elna 15x1
Essex Mk1 15x1
Essex Mk2 15x1
Federation 15x1
Genero Stitch Mistress 15x1
Grain Mk1 15x1
Grain Mk2 15x1
Hasbro Junior Miss 16x1
Idean 1x11, 25x1
Kayanee 15x1
Kayanee 12x1
Kenmore 16x1
Lead, All, All-Lead 15x1
Little Betty W4 88x1
Little Comfort Imp 127x1
Little Red Riding Hood 16x1
Martha Washington 24x1
Midget 1x11, 25x1
Muller 6 12x1
Muller 12 1x11, 25x1
Muller (most models) 24x1
Muller (zones) 12x1
Muller (Pre WW2) 12x1
National American Girl 16x1
Peter Pan 88x1
Pony 1x11, 25x1
Reliable 1x11, 25x1
Singer 20 24x1
Singer 24 24x1
Singer 24K1, K3             (See note below) 24x3
Singer 24K4, K5 24x1
Singer Sewhandy 40K     (See note below) 24x3
Singer Sewhandy 50       (See note below) 24x3
Smith & Egge 1x11, 25x1
So-Toy 24x1
Spenser 1x11, 25x1
Stitchwell 20x1
Triumph (Goodrich) 1x11, 25x1
Tulip 13x1, 1x7
Vulcan Mk1 13x1
Vulcan Featherweight 15x1
Vulcan Dumpy 15x1
Vulcan Minor, Junior, Senior 206x13
Vulcan Countess 206x13

If you have a Singer Sewhandy 40K or 50D then please see the decicated 24x3 needle page for more information and a suitable substitute.

Needle Dimensions

Needle Type Diameter Eye Length Total Length
1x11, 25x1 Round with groove (W&G2) 2.02 28.1 32.2
12x1 Round 1.04 31.6 37.3
13x1,1x7 Round 1.00 37.8  
15x1 Flat Shank 2.02 33.9 38.1
16x1 Round 1.64 33.9 38.2
20x1 Flat Shank 2.04 38.2 42.5
24x1 Flat Shank 2.02 28.2 32.3
24x3 Flat Shank on Left 2.02 28.2 32.3
88x1 Round Shank 1.63 29.5 33.5
127x1 Round Shank 1.75 38.9 43.9
128x1 Round Shank 1.75 38.9 43.9
206x13 Flat Shank 2.02 33.9 37.1