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Singer Simanco 189651

Presser Foot For Curved Ornamental Seams


Used in place of standard presser foot for sewing curved ornamental and Zigzag seams. This foot is ideal for adding a decorative raised stitch. At the front of the foot there is a small hole through which you pass a suitable thread (crochet thread works fine) which you then pull out the back under the foot. Then sew a small width zigzag through the central needle hole in the foot so that it stitches over the first thread feeding in from the front. Because the underside of the foot is relieved away from the needle area in 2 curves, you can turn the material quite easily to guide it without it fighting the feed dogs or the raised part just sewn. It can therefore also be used without an additional raising thread when semi-free motion movement over the feed dogs is required.


Simanco 189651

Attachment Foot





Sample Stitch

Sample Stitch




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