Singer 215G, 216G & 218G Sewing Machines

The Singer models 215G, 216G and 218G were the first models made at the Karlsruhe factory in Germany after the production was taken over by Singer in 1954. The serial numbers for these models take the form of the letters PA followed by a sequence of 6 digits.

The designs for these models were inherited from the Haid und Neu Company when Singer purchased the business. It marketed the Haid und Neu designs as Singer models until the factory was re-equipped with new machinery and new modern ‘Singer’ models were introduced with aluminium bodies.


The 215G was a cast iron machine straight stitch model with a vertical oscillating hook.

Singer 215G

Model 215G
(photo courtesy Gabrielle Sheppard)

Singer 215G Underbed

Model 215G - Underbed Mechanism
(photo courtesy Gabrielle Sheppard


The 216G has a front facing vertical vertical oscillating hook and a zigzag facility.

Singer 216G Front

216G - Front
(photo courtesy Bernard Pokorski)

Singer 216G Underbed

216G - Underbed Mechanism
(photo courtesy Tom Henderson)

Singer 216G ZigZag

216G - Zigzag Control
(photo courtesy Tom Henderson)


The 218G was a vibrating shuttle type machine using 28/128 style long bobbins, so was already very outdated.

Singer 218G Front

218G - Front

218G Back

218G - Back

218G End

218G - End

218G Underbed

218G - Mechanism

Photos (Courtesy of Gabrielle Sheppard)

Singer 215G-01

215G - Front

Singer 215G-02

215G - Back

Singer 215G-03

215G Bobbin Cover

Singer 215G-04

215G - Bobbin

Singer 215G-05

215G - Case

Singer 215G-06

215G - Case Open