Singer 127K and 128K Vibrating Shuttle Sewing Machines

The Singer 127K and 128K domestic sewing machines were just minor developments of the earlier 27K and 28K models. The main changes occurred around 1912 and related to the type of tension release and the location of the bobbin winder. The 127K and 128K models had the bobbin winder located higher up than the 27K/28K's to allow the rubber tyre to run on the belt rather than the wheel rim. However the changeover in designs was not a clean one and some earlier 27K and 28K's were already using the new design of bobbin winder before the re-branding of the models.

As with the earlier models, the 128 was a 3/4 scale version of the 127.

The 128K was finally discontinued in 1962.

Singer 128

Model 128 (photo courtesy of Lynn Kenan)

Please be sure to see the Singer 28 page for more detailed information about the 127 & 128 models.

Photos (Courtesy of Lynn Kenan)

Singer 128-1

128 - Top View

Singer 128-2

128 - Needlebar

Singer 128-3

128 - Back

Singer 128-4

128 - Handwheel

Singer 128-5

128 - Stitch Plate