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Singer Treadle Stand Parts

We can offer the following parts for Singer treadle stands.

Unless otherwise specified, all items are in 'used' condition.

Not all available items are listed, so please enquire if you do not see what you are looking for.

To check availability and delivery costs, please contact us quoting the appropriate Stock Codes and your location.


Crank & Top Pitman Bearing


Crank & Top Pitman Bearing

Stock Code : D2556

Crank shaft and top Pitman bearing assembly.

price: £10.00

Pitman Rod

Pitman Rod

Pitman Rod & Lower Bearing Assembly

Stock Code : D2557

Steel Pitman Rod complete with lower bearing assembly.

Approx. 10-1/2" (26.6 cm) long.

price: £12.00

Belt Shifter

Belt Shifter

Belt Shifter Assy.

Stock Code : D2558

Belt Shifter assembly in good condition.

price: £8.50

Pivot Screw

Pivot Screw

Pivot Screw

Stock Code : D2559

Pivot screw for treadle plate or main crankshaft.

Used with locknut D2560.

price: £4.00

Storage Compartment Cover #124405



Stock Code : D2560

Locknut for pivot screw D2559

Either 15mm or 19mm across flats. Please state size required when order.

price: £1.00

Leg Screw


Leg Screw

Stock Code : D2561

Screw and washer for attaching the side legs to the cross brace.

NOTE - Stands with wooden legs require a special thick spacer washer D2562 beteeen the legs and cross brace to ensure correct alignment.

price: £4.50

Spacer Washer


Spacer Washer

Stock Code : D2562

Special thick spacer washer used with screw D2561 to provide correct alignment on stands with wooden side legs. Fits between the wooden legs and the cast iron cross brace.

price: £3.00


For cosmetically imperfect items that may need refurbishing, please see our Clearance page.