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Vulcan Minor, Junior & Senior Toy Sewing Machine Threading Diagram

In order for the Vulcan Minor, Junior & Senior toy sewing machines to work correctly it is essential that it is properly threaded.

Vulcan Minor Threading

Vulcan Minor, Junior & Senior Threading Diagram


To Thread a Vulcan Minor, Junior or Senior:

  • Start with the needle in its fully raised position
  • Place the cotton reel on the reel pin E
  • Pull the cotton across the top of the machine and over and between the tension discs G
  • Wrap the cotton once completely around the tension discs
  • Thread through the hole D in the top of the needlebar
  • Pull the cotton down the left hand side of the machine and thread through the eye of the needle from left to right
  • Pull about 3 inches of cotton through the needle and lift the presser foot so that the end can be fed through the centre of the foot and out the back of the machine under the foot
  • When starting to stitch keep a slight manual pull on the end of the cotton until the first few stiches are completed

IMPORTANT - Many apparent problems with getting these machines to sew properly are just the result of not following the final two steps above.