Singer Simanco 28986

Back Clamping Imitation Hem Stitcher

When fitting check that the needle passes through the centre of the needle hole in the attachment. Place one piece of material under the attachment and the second piece over the needle hole and through the space to the back of the foot. Slightly loosen the needle thread tension and sew fabric together. Remove attachment and replace with regular presser foot resetting the correct tension. Open out the seam and fold both pieces of material back on themselves to reveal the imitation hemstitching. Then stitch along each side as close as possible to the imitation hemstitching. To make a Picot Edge with the attachment, stitch two pieces of material together as described, with the material that is requiring the picot edge on top and scrap material underneath. Stitch along the edge of the top piece of fabric and pull out the under thread from the scrap piece. This will release the upper piece which will then have a row of small loops forming a picot edge.

Simanco 28986

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