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Singer Factories - Karlsruhe, Germany

The Singer factory in Karlsruhe, Germany was in production from 1954 until 1982.

In 1954 Singer purchased the factory and sewing machine business of the Haid-und-Neu company in Karlsruhe, Germany. Haid-und-Neu had been manufacturing sewing machines in Karlsruhe since the 1860�s and had purpose built the existing factory in 1893.

By the mid 1960�s a series of rationalisations began so that by the time the factory closed in 1982 the workforce had been reduced to around 450. The buildings were demolished soon after the closure.

Machines produced at the Karlsruhe factory were identified by a suffix G added to their model numbers. i.e. 215G. Serial numbers took the form of PA, PB, PC etc. followed by 6 digits starting at 000001 up to 999999.

Please CLICK HERE to see more infomation about the original Haid und Neu company


Singer 215G

Singer 215G

Singer 215G

Singer 216G (photo courtesy of Tom Henderson)

Singer 218G

Singer 218G