Singer 98K /286K Sewing Machines

The Singer 98K and the almost identical 286K were 3/4 size domestic electric sewing machines of which 120,000 were produced during 1963-65. These were classified as 'budget' models. They were free standing without the need for a separate base, did not have fitted work lights, had a small pressed metal foot pedal for speed control, and in the case of the 98K only had a cloth cover instead of a solid cover.



286K Wheel

286K Balance Wheel

Technical Details

Size 3/4 Full size (12-1/2" base)
Motor Singer CBK (external with V belt)
Drive Belt Simanco Part No. 198651 (38.5cm O.D)
Speed Control Pressed metal foot pedal (Style D)
Needle (Flat to right) 15X1
Needle Threading Left to right
Bobbin Standard class 66
Work Light None
Finish Hammerered effect paint
98K = gold
286K = grey
Case 98K = cloth cover
286K = clip on rexine covered plywood lid

Serial Numbers

From Number To Number Quantity Date
EV 482635 EV 487634 5000 23 October 1963
EV 487635 EV 532634 45000 25 October 1963
EV 671489 EV 161013 50000 21 January 1964
EX 141014 EX 161013 20000 16 September 1964



286K - Front


286K - End View


286K - Back


286K - Motor


286K - Balance Wheel


286K - Foot Pedal