Singer 353 and 354 Starlet Sewing Machines

The Singer Starlet models 353 and 354 were made in Bonnieres, France during the 1970’s. They were made from an aluminium chassis which was encased in plastic panels which can be removed for servicing the machine. The 2 models are identical except that the 354 has an additional zigzag stitch for stretch fabrics.

The same models were also made in the USA where they were given the model name 'Genie'.

Singer Starlet 353

Model 353 Starlet

Singer Starlet 354

Model 354 Starlet

The 353 and 354 Starlet models were portable models provided with a carrying handle and a slide-on plastic section which enclosed the bed of the machine for storage. A particular feature is that the motor controller and leads are stored inside the plastic case moulding that encloses the bed. The controller is accessed by a hinged flap underneath the case moulding.

Singer Starlet Case

Starlet Case - Fitted

Singer Starlet Case

Starlet Case - Removed