Singer 316G Sewing Machines

The Singer 316G was a particularly solid cast iron zigzag model made at the Karlsruhe factory in Germany during the 1960's. At over 16kg (excluding case), it is one of the heaviest Singer domestic models. The bed casting incorporates legs so that the mechanism doesn't foul the surface if it is used on its own without a base.

The 316G is one of the rarer models that is much sought after by both collectors and enthusiasts. Unlike the 306/319/320, they use standard needles and bobbins, so they are especially attractive for those wanting an ultra-robust vintage zigzag model.

The 316G features a vertical oscillating hook facing the front. It uses replacable pattern cams to provide a variety of decorative stitch patterns.

Singer 316G

Model 316G - Front

Singer 316G

Model 316G - Back

Singer 316G

Model 316G - Underbed Mechanism

Singer 316G Underbed

Model 316G - Rear