Singer 218G Sewing Machines

The Singer model 218G was one of the first models made at the Karslruhe factory in Germany after it started production in 1958. The serial numbers for 218G machines take the form of the letters PA followed by a sequence of 6 digits.

The model 218G was a vibrating shuttle machine that clearly followed the concept of the 28 and 128 machines before it. However, rather than reusing the existing the 128 designs, the 218 seems to have had all new parts that were slightly different in their details.

Why Singer would have chosen to launch a new model as late as 1958 based on such an outdated technology is a mystery.

Singer 218G Front

218G - Front

218G Back

218G - Back

218G End

218G - End - 306K

218G Underbed

218G Mechanism - 218G