Singer 100 Featherweight, 118 Featherweight II and 324 Featherweight Plus

The model 100, 118 and 324 ‘Featherweights’ are relatively modern cheaply made plastic brand-name machines.

These models were were no doubt named ‘Featherweights’ to capitalise on the reputation of the original 221 and 222K Singer models that are now so sought after and collectable. Unfortunately, apart from being small, that is where any similarity with the original models ends.

The 100, 118 and 324 are very basic small light weight plastic models. Whilst they may be adequate for very occasional light use, they would probably not be suitable for any serious or heavy work. They would though perhaps be ideal for a young person just starting out, who wants an inexpensive small lightweight machine without any sophisticated controls to worry about.

In the event of problems these would probably not the kind of machine that would be regarded as repairable.