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Singer 12 'New Family' Sewing Machine

This is a partculalry early model 12 'New Family' sewing machine from 1874 with the Rose decals. It has a little wear at the font of the decals, but is generally in well above normal condition for its age. It is complete with its needle, shuttle and bobbin and sews well.

Being one of the earliest model 12's, this machine has some different features to most model 12's. The shuttle slide plates are brass, the tension adjuster is on the front of the faceplate rather than the top, it has a different needle clamp, and it has screwdriver operated adjuster for the foot pressure.

12K - 01

Singer 12 New Family Fiddle Base Sewing Machine


The machine is housed in an original wooden slide-on case with a brass handle and a hinged door on the end. There is no key for the lock.



Price: ***** SOLD *****


Ref. M2315


Technical Details

Serial No. 1909xxx
Date 1874
Needle 12x1
Case Original Slide-On with door
Base Dimensions 17-1/4" x 9-1/4" (44cm x 23.3cm)



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