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Model M100 Magic Tailor

The Singer M100 Magic Tailor is a well constructed small simple to use constant speed sewing machine with limited features. It was marketed as a ‘mending machine’ and was popular with small shops for making minor repairs and alterations.

Singer M100

M100 Magic Tailor


The M100 was made in France starting in 1982 and was constructed from an aluminium chassis with plastic covers. Unusually the M100 used a plastic sliding shuttle with plastic long style bobbins. The needle is a 127x1 (SY3347) which is fitted with the flat to the back. The machine is powered through a 12V power supply and operates at constant speed, so that there is no foot controller required. The presser foot is permanently attached to the machine and so is not changeable.

The reel of thread is mounted inside the hinged faceplate over the needle bar. This also houses the tension discs, which are not adjustable on this model. At the top there is a small sliding tray for spare needles, bobbins and the bobbin winding pin.



Singer M100-1

M100 - Front

Singer M100-2

M100 - Back

Singer M100-3

M100 - Open Faceplate

Singer M100-4

M100 - Shuttle