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Vesta Sewing Machine

An attractive example of the small German engineered and manufactured Vesta sewing machine with a bed measuring 11-1/2" x 5-1/4" (29cm x 13.5 cm). The serial number is 1953367




This lovely example of a very collectable Vesta model had the hand wheel recessed into the base. The nickel plated parts are all in very good condition exceot for the faceplate which has some tarnishing. The decals on the main arm are reasonably good, but there are some small chips in the bed and some wear to the black surface long the edge of the shuttle slide plate which has been touched up.

The hand crank assembly of this machine has a white porcelain handle which folds down when not in use.

The machine is complete with its needle, shuttle and bobbin and so as well as looking fabulous, it is in good working condition.

The machine is mounted in a wooden base with the normal marquetry rulers to the front and a formed bentwood cover with handle, lockplate and key. The case is in lovely condition and measures approx. 15" x 7-1/4" x 9" (38 x 8 x23 cm) high.


***** SOLD *****


Ref.:    M4280




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Vesta Front


Vesta Needlebar


Vesta Back


Vesta Wheel

Hand Wheel

Vesta Shuttle


Vesta Badge


Vesta Case