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Singer Factories - Utsunomiya, Japan

The Singer factory located in Utsunomiya northwest of Tokyo, Japan was established in 1954 when Singer bought a 50% stake in the struggling Pine Sewing Machine Company.

Singer financed the retooling of the Pine factory in Utsunomiya. Initally machines made at the new plant were badged as "Merritt" but a year or so later once they were satisfied about the product quality, they changed to producing machines under the Singer brand name.

By 1959 the plant was producing over 70,000 Singer machines a year. Although these were mainly for domestic sale within Japan, about 15% of the production was exported to other countries.

Singer machines produced at the Utsunomiya factory were identified by a suffix U added to their model numbers. Their serial numbers took the form of ‘TA, TB, TC etc. followed by 6 digit numbers which were allocated sequentially.