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Singer Factories - St. John’s, Quebec, Canada

The Singer sewing machine factory in St. John’s, Quebec, Canada was established in 1904 at a cost of $1,000,000 and remained in production until it was closed in 196?.

Aerial View

Aerial View of St. John's Factory


The works comprised of more than 18 separate fire proof buildings and covered 45 acres of ground. It had a floor area of over 12 acres and 5 miles of railway track were laid on the premises.

During 1954 when the plant celebrated its 50th anniversary, the plant employed approx. 1500 people under the management of the Works Manager, Ralph P Benn.

Machines produced at the St. John’s factory were identified by a suffix J added to their model numbers. After 1924 serial numbers took the form of JA, JB, JC etc. followed by 6 digits starting at 000001 up to 999999.


Serial Number Dates were:

Serial Number Prefix Years
JA 1924 - 1936
JB 1936 - 1948
JC 1948 - 1954
JD 1954 - 1961
JE 1961 - 196?