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Singer 201K29 (Aluminium) Sewing Machine

This beautiful hand crank 201K29 is in excellent condition with only the very lighest of occasional pin marks on the bed. It does not have any chips, deep scratches or corrosion on the enamelling, and the gold decals are in close to perfect condition without any obviously visable wear.

The 201K29 is the later incarnation of the 201K which had the more angular aluminium body, alomg with a spoked balance wheel and a hand crank.

The machine works perfectly in all respects and has been recently serviced.

This partcular example comes in aa light oak bentwood case, which is a rarity for this model, which more often canme in a crocodile effet suitcase. The case is also in very good condition and it is of course complete with a key,


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Ref. M2352


201K29 Sewing Machine


Technical Details

Serial No. EK401???
Batch Date 26 April 1955
Needle 15X1
Bobbin Standard Class 66



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201K29 - Front


201K29 - End


201K29 - Back


201K29 - Wheel

201K-Throat Plate

201K29 - Throat Plate


201K29 - Case