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Singer 12K New Family Sewing Machine

This classic 12K New Family sewing machine is complete with its needle, shuttle and bobbin and sews well.

The bobbin winder tyre is in good condition, but as with many of this model, the plate for auto-traversing the thread across the bobbin is missing. It can though be quite easily fed by hand, as on earlier models that didn't have that feature to start with.

The bed has a few chips and has some wear to the decals on the front. The bright metal parts are all clean with little tarnishing. Please use the zoom function on the photo below to see them is better detail.

12K - 01

Singer 12K New Family Fiddle Base Sewing Machine


The machine is housed in a nice clean winged bentwood case, but this has probably been refinished at some time as the original decal on the case is missing.



Price: UK£ 90.00 Excluding delivery


Ref. M2314


Technical Details

Serial No. 8761xxx
Date 1889
Needle 12x1
Case Original Winged Bentwood
Base Dimensions 17-1/4" x 9-1/4" (44cm x 23.3cm)



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12K - Front
12K - Front

12K - Needlebar

12K - Needlebar

12K - Back

12K - Back

12K - Wheel

12K - Balance Wheel

12K - Case

12K - Case