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Singer 128 Sewing Machine

Crinkle Finish + Blackside + Centennial Badge

128 Crinkle Blackside Centennial

Singer 128 (Crinkle + Blackside + Centennial Badge)



Serial No. AJ393872


This fabulous Singer 128 sewing machine is a true rarity and one that is usually missing from even the most comprehensive collections. Not only is this machine one of the rarer crinkle finish models, but it is a ‘Blackside’ as well, and to cap it all off it is also even a ‘Centennial Badge’ model.

This remarkable machine was made in the Elizabethport USA Singer factory in 1950, but was sold in the UK, so it has a standard BAK 240V motor and controller. The needle plate, shuttle slide plates, faceplate, rear access panel and cloth guide are all 'Blackside'. The faceplate and access panel are of the 'striated' design.

The machine comes in what I believe to be a Walnut base and matching bentwood cover. These are in just about the best condition I have seen for a case cover of this type and age, although unfortunately the original key is missing.

The machine itself is in very good condition for its 60 year age. There is just the slightest sign of wear/thinning to the crinkle finish along the very front edge of the bed. There are no gouges, chips or scratches to the crinkle finish, although as is typical of all crinkle finish models, the gold decals are faint. There is a curving surface mark on the shuttle slide plates caused by the edge of the cloth guide.

Please be sure to click on the photos below to supersize them and see every detail in close up.

The machine works perfectly in all respects and has been recently serviced.


Price ***** SOLD *****

Ref. M2144



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128 Crinkle Blackside


128 Crinkle Blackside - Front


128 Crinkle Blackside - End


128 Crinkle Blackside - Back


128 Blackside - Handwheel


128 Blackside - Faceplate


128 Blackside - Shuttle Plates


128 Blackside - Bedplate


128 Crinkle Blackside - Badge


128 Crinkle Blackside - Case