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Singer 185K Electric Sewing Machine

This beautiful 185K Electric sewing machine is in very good condition for its age without any major wear or any cosmetic damage to the machine.

The machine is finshed in tan with complimentary dark brown motor, foot controller and leads.

The machine has a Singer cloth covered ’Clip-On’ style base and lid in very good condition. It does not have a key.

The machine works perfectly in all respects and has been recently serviced.

Price ***** SOLD *****

Ref. M2071

185K - 01

Singer 185K Electric Sewing Machine


Technical Details

Serial No. EP197xxx
Batch Date 7 May 1959
Needle 15X1
Bobbin Class 66
Speed Control Bakelite foot pedal (Style B1)
Work Light 15w
Case Singer - Cloth Covered Clip-On



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185K - Front


185K - Back


185K - Needlebar

185K-Balance Wheel

185K - Balance Wheel


185K - Stitch Plate


185K - Case